Use the 6.30pm class if you can

There has been a steady increase in members wanting to train in the evening which is awesome. However we want to try and get more people into our 6.30pm class as everyone seems to want to train at 5.30pm and we only have 16 spots available. If you are able to train later we would love to have you in for our 6.30pm class. We appreciate for members with small children or members who live out of town the 5.30pm class right after work might be your only option. But if you don’t have anything on in the evening try a few 6.30pm classes and see how you like it. They run every Monday & Wednesday evening with Amanda and Thursday evening with Christian. It will be easy to motivate yourself to go to the late class if you know there will be a bunch of members there. Hope to see a lot more of you booking in its only another hour. Please check the bookings for 5.30pm and if its full just book in for 6.30pm and come down then.


Tuesday 090719

Strength: E2M for 10 min

2 Power Cleans + 1 Split Jerk (Build in weight)

@ 12:00

E2M for 6 min

3 Deadlift (Build in weight)

@ 20:00

For Time:

1200m DB or KB Farmers carry

Every time you put the weight down add 3 Burpees.

Do all Burpees after the 1200m carry.

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