How is your month of TTB going?

Ask yourself if you are:

Better at keeping your legs straight during linked TTB?

Closer to linking TTB?

Getting your toes closer to the bar?

You should be able to say YES to at least one of these questions depending on what level you have been doing during our skill session. If you are still struggling to make progress ask the coach for new progressions next time you are at the gym. Another important thing is you use the progressions you have learnt, in every TTB MetCon you do, not just during the skill session.

Remember a nice strong TTB kip can be used for many other bar skills not just TTB. The reason we picked TTB first is because the ability to control a big kip will carry over to all other bar gymnastics we do. It all relates back to the Hollow/Arch. Keep it simple and you will see improvements faster.


Tuesday 140519

Strength: E2M for 10 min

3 Deadlifts (Build in weight)

MetCon: 15 min AMRAP


8 KB Swings 32/24kg

12 KB Goblet Squats

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