The Open Starts Today

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If you are interested in signing up for the Open get onto it today on

You will get two chances to get the workout done. Saturday 10am and Monday Classes. Make sure you get hold of someone to judge you. Let people know at the gym if you are keen to help out. The coaches will be there to help but it is up to you to get organised I.E. know what the wod is and what the rules are and find a judge. Good luck with it and hope you all have an awesome experience. I will try to get the wods done while I am away.


Friday 220219

WU EMOM x 12

1st: 10 BB or banded Good Mornings

2nd: 10 Hollow Rocks & 10 Arch Rocks

3rd: 10 Banded Push Ups

MetCon: AMRAP x 20

10 Dual KB Thrusters (AHAFA)

200m DB Farmers Carry

10 Pull Ups

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