Staying Consistently active during Winter

Bing active during winter is super important in staying happy and motivated. What is even more important is being consistent with your training sessions. There is no point in doing one massive session a week and being too sore and tired and broken for the rest of the week. This will most likely lead to injury and you wont enjoy your training if it means it destroys you for the rest of the week.

The first thing you need to find out is, can you motivate yourself to start training? If thats the case start with something small like a walk or jog. The main thing here is you get out of the house and get some fresh air. If you can’t get yourself training. You need to find a friend or a group who can help you with motivation. It has been mentioned a million times before by many people but its true. Training with someone else can be extremely motivating and fun. Having someone there to train with motivates you to get out of bed or makes you do it after work rather than driving straight home. Especially on the bad days when you don’t feel like training, they will be there to make sure you do it and you will feel much better afterwards. Thats the consistency you need that will help you through winter.

Why not text a friend today and make them come for a walk or jog or workout. If you are the motivated one, motivate someone else today to train with you. Don’t take no for an answer, we both know its going to be good for them.


Thursday 270619

Strength: Back Squats

3 x 1 @ 95% of old 1RM

1 x 10 @ 80% of old 1RM

MetCon: 15 min AMRAP

10 DB Overhead Squats 22.5/15kg

15 TTB

20 Box Jumps 24/20′

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