SPC Team for Nationals

This month we are taking one team to Nationals competing in the intermediate division. Its a good mix of members who have been before and members who are competing for the first time. They have all worked extremely hard and are ready to take up the challenge. We will be introducing the team members over the next two weeks starting with

Team Captain Riley Cunningham. No stranger to competition and always cool under pressure. Riley has been the Captain 2 years in a row and has kept whoever is in the team positive and motivated. Not only that, he is also an awesome guy to be around and the team will definitely listen to him and work hard for each other because of that. He is the perfect person to lead the team as he will be able to help the new competitors out and calm them down and lead from the front when it comes to getting work done. As an avid surfer and weightlifter, he will be looking forward to any swimming event and events that favour the barbell.


Tuesday 081019

Strength: Back Squats

3 x 6 (across)

Superset with: 5 High Box jumps

MetCon: 3 x 5min AMRAPs: 2 min Rest

20 KB Swings 24/16kg

20 KB Push Press (10 each arm)

20 KB Goblet Lunges

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