Please Book In and Pay Attention

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Classes are getting bigger and it is super important that you book in so we can prepare appropriate warm ups and make the class flow smoothly during the hour. We will never show anyone the door for not booking in but you will be asked to perform 50 Burpees to join in:) You have been warned. As class sizes increase so does the importance of paying attention to the coach so you all get a good workout and don’t have to rush to get things done. We are all for talking some smack and catching up with your friends but do it before and after class. People in the class have places to go after class so we need to stay on time please.

If you follow these two simple rules everything else will take care of itself. Lets have some fun and keep training hard. Next training phase is about to start so prepare for more work and cool MetCons.


Thursday 310119

Strength Testing: Clean & Jerk

Find your new 1RM

MetCon: For Time

25 DB Deadlift 22.5/15kg

400m Farmers Carry

50 Push Ups

400m Farmers carry

25 DB Deadlift

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