We have a few pairs signed up for this years Lift the Bar competition hosted by CrossFit Timaru. They have same sex pairs and mixed pairs. There are room left for more Beginner and RX pairs. You can see the standards on their Lift the Bar Facebook page.

How it works: Nov 4 online qualifier events will be released and you need to have them done by Nov 11. From there Top 10 in each division qualifies for the Finals at CrossFit Timaru Dec 7.

This will be a great comp to get your feet wet on if you haven’t done a CrossFit Comp yet. Plus you can do most of it at SPC and if you qualify for the Finals it’s only a short drive to Timaru. HOpe to see many of you pair up and sign up for it.


Tuesday 221019

Strength: Back Squat

3 x 6 Build in weight

Superset 5 High Box Jumps between working sets

Metcon: 3 x 5min AMRAP: 2 min Rest

40 Double Unders

20 Alt. DB Snatch 22.5/15kg


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