Intermediate Team Member: Megan Graamans

Megan was in the Masters Team at last years Nationals and did extremely well. One of her many highlights from that competition was taking charge of the Run/Barrel carry event. Running really hard and almost finishing the first barrel carry on her own by the time the rest of the teams finished the run. It got the MC going too which was awesome to listen to. Megan’s strength is of course her massive aerobic engine, she can settle into a pretty fast tempo and hold that for a really long time so for all the longer events the team will look to Megan for guidance. Megan has worked hard really hard on her strength training so it will be interesting to see her excel in those workouts too. She is super easy going so she will of course fit in great with the rest of the team.




Tuesday 9/10/18

Strength: Back Squat

Warm up sets:

1 x 20 empty barbell

1 x 10 @ 50%

1 x 10 @ 60%

Working set:

1 x 20

MetCon: For Time

1200m Run

50 DB Thrusters 22.5/15kg

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