Intermediate Team member: Jack Bredenbeck

This will be Jacks second competition this year after he did an awesome job at clang n bang earlier this year. At just 17 years old he is now stepping it up to Team Nationals where he will join the rest of the intermediate team and even cooler get a chance to compete with his dad Mark who is also in the team. It will be a special moment and it will be awesome to see Jack step onto the floor up there. He has worked tirelessly in classes and under the watchful eye of Marcus during their PT sessions.

Jacks strength is definitely his ability to hit good solid positions in his lifting and even under fatigue his technique doesn’t break down. That will keep him safe from getting too beat up over the course of the weekend. His gymnastics has also come a long way so he will be a big help for the team in that department.

Jack is a fantastic guy and it is so good to see him come into his own on the CrossFit floor. It will be great to follow his continual progress in the sport of CrossFit.




Wednesday 3/10/18

MetCon: 21 min EMOM

1st: 75 Double Unders

2nd: 10 KB Swings & 10 SDHP 24/16kg

3rd: 10 Burpees (Add 2 burpees each round for as long as possible)

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