Individual In-House Comp Details

The time is upon us again. You get to show off your fitness in front of the community, your friends and family. It should go without saying, but we will say it anyway. This is an inclusive competition for all of our members to have a fun and exciting experience with CrossFit as a sport.

Date: Saturday 17/8

Time: 9am Welcome & Briefing.

Location: Southern Peak CrossFit, 36 Ward Street

Divisions: RX, Scaled, Masters RX (40+) & Masters Scaled (40+)

There will be about 3 Workouts on the day;)

As a guideline for the levels:

If you RX more workouts than not on a weekly basis you are RX in this comp and don’t worry about the weights, they wont be ridiculously heavy. Also there will be Bar Muscle Ups in the comp but it will be at the end of a tough AMRAP and there will be a tie breaker on set workout so you will get plenty of fitness in despite struggling with your muscle ups. So don’t let that stop you from signing up.

If you Scale more workouts than not on a weekly basis you will be Scaled in this comp. All Gymnastics will be progressions of RX movements which means no Pull ups or Toes to Bar, But you will be using the pull up rig.

Lets get a big turnout for this competition. Bring your friends down to have a look to see what we really do on a daily basis. I am sure they will get super motivated watching you killing it on the competition floor and watching everyone cheer for each other.

If you are unsure what division you should join let us know today and we will help you make the decision.

Note: Everyone in Comp Class, who are available, will be expected to sign up in either division depending on their level.

We are really looking forward to this one. Sometimes all you need is a few people screaming at you and cheering you on to get that extra rep.


Monthly Skill: HSPU

E2M for 12 min

Level 1: 5 Strict HSPU + 10 Kipping HSPU

Level 2: Progressions to HSPU

Level 3: Pressing Strength

MetCon: For Time

2 Rounds of:

15 Thrusters 40/30kg

10 KTE

2 min Rest

2 Rounds of:

15 OHS

30 V-Sit Twist 15/10kg

2 min Rest

1 Round of:

15 Thrusters

10 KTE

1 min Rest

1 Round of:

15 OHS

30 V-Sit Twist

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