Hope you are all training hard and the members who have signed up for the Open are killing it every Saturday. The coaches are doing an amazing job keeping things going. We are mostly sightseeing over here but have had a chance to do some workouts of course. Looking forward to getting back to the stomping ground and coaching again but until then its the Island life and a little CrossFit in the mornings.

At SPC we have a bunch of fun things coming up. Our Fittest Flat In Dunedin kicks off 6/4 10am. Get the word out there and lets see some teams They can sign up using timely. Just the team captain needs to sign up. $20 payment per team will be paid on the day to compete. 6 month membership for all four team members who win up for grabs.

Some of our members are doing competitions and other events and it will be cool to follow them.

See you all in a week


Monday 040319

CrossFit Open 19.2

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