Extra Competitor Work

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We are adding small elements to some of the classes for all you guys and girls who want to compete in CrossFit. There will be plenty of work in the normal classes but if you want to compete in CrossFit there are certain elements you will need to work on to be competitive. Those elements will be included gradually over this next training cycle. It is to be done after the class MetCon on the days you have time or during Open Gym. It is straight forward work and shouldn’t demand too much explaining.

We are adding these elements to help a small number of members who need the extra challenge. As we pride ourselves on being able to help all levels this goes both ways as in being able to help new members get into fitness and high level members wanting to take the next step. Keep training hard and we are looking forward to seeing some awesome results during this training cycle.


Tuesday 120119

Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 12

Odd: 1-3 Rope Climbs

Even: 10-15 HSPU

MetCon: 3 RFT

40 Walking Lunges

30 Push Ups

20 Hang Power Cleans 40/30kg

10 CTB Pull Ups

Extra Competitor Work: 3 RFQ

10 Ring Dips into max Ring L-Sit Hold

30 sec Rest

10 Strict KTE

Rest as needed between rounds

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