Dress Up Team Comp Saturday 18/5

We have sorted a date for our Team Comp. Saturday 18/5 Briefing is 9am Be on time please.

Teams will consist of 3 girls or 3 guys from 3 different decades so start asking around now to get your team sorted. When you have a team sorted contact us straight away so we can put you on the list. In case you want to do the comp but are struggling to find a team we can help you out. Lets get as many teams as possible for this one.

All workouts will be team based and the work will be shared which means if you for example struggle with pull ups let the rest of the team do them and you can do more of the other exercises. Don’t avoid signing up for this comp just because there is one exercise you can’t do. This about having fun with the rest of the community and throwing down with members from other classes you may not see.

Remember this is Dress Up so get your team together now and start organizing your costumes. There will be a cost of $15 per team and all money goes towards prizes on the day.

Any questions let us know asap so we can help you out.


Tuesday 300419

Strength: Back Squat

3 x 5 @ 75%

1 x 10 @ 60%

MetCon: 4 RFT

15 KB Swings 24/16kg

30 KB Goblet Lunges

15 TTB

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