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Dear Small Business Owners

I am a big believer of “staying in your lane” when it comes to giving out advice on anything. I am a CrossFit Coach so I stick to coaching CrossFit. However, earning a business degree in 2004, being self-employed for 10 years and building my own small business have made me write this post about how you as a small business owner can get past your struggles from the shutdown. 

There is no doubt in my mind that shutting down and trying to get rid of the virus was the best decision. Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we all need a way out so we can thrive again.

The way SPC survived the shutdown was mostly on the back of an incredibly loyal group of members who decided to stick by us. A group we are eternally grateful for.

Our fantastic coaches are a huge part of the awesome atmosphere at SPC and while we were committed to taking care of them through lockdown our members made this a whole lot easier.

Our Shutdown System:

  1. We set up a system where members who kept their membership, had the option of borrowing equipment. This meant they could still follow our normal programing with very few modifications. We posted on our social media sites that members could come down to the gym and pick up gear. We wrote down what each member took and distributed carefully to ensure as even a spread as possible; the gym was empty in a matter of hours
  2. We programmed workouts with no equipment, which meant all members without gear could still do effective workouts to keep their fitness up. 
  3. We offered constant support, which meant any member could contact us about anything gym related.
  4. We offered weekly Q&A’s for any members who needed more motivation.
  5. We offered specific programming for members who had specific goals they wanted to work on.

What you can do as a small business owner:

I can only speak to small business, but thinking on your feet and making sure you can adapt to a changing environment is crucial for your survival.

This time has made me think a lot about how we as a business can keep changing and improving to stay relevant in todays society.

  1. First of all that means look at what made you successful in the first place and work on improving that aspect of your business.
  2. You need to stay visible in your community and online. This can be done for no or little expenses on social media sites.
  3. Go through a market analysis and find other products and services you can offer that will add to your current business. Don’t flood your customers with worthless stuff.
  4. Look to set up an online business as part of your current brick ‘n mortar location. This could be with products you are already selling or an expansion of them. It could also be programs or DIY manuals for services your business offer.

Personal Reflection:

Having to think on your feet has made our gym more successful and it has shown how we need to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable.

The ability to still sell memberships without a gym for those new members to use has proven to us that there is value in the workouts we provide, the community we are building and that the expertise of our coaches is something special. 

A wise man once said: “Without a plan, you plan to fail”. We have a long way to go but we are on the right path and with a strategy we will get to our goal.

I hope this has motivated all small business owners to get up early and get back to working on your businesses. Healthy competition will make us stronger.

If you want any help or just have a chat I am always available


Christian Pedersen

Southern Peak CrossFit  

021 248 9222



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