CrossFit for Regular People

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We have had a bunch of new people come in this month and we predict many more to come in over the next months. It is amazing to see everyone come in and try out CrossFit. You would undoubtedly have heard a lot about CrossFit both from people who do it but also from people who have never set foot in a CrossFit box. Everyone seem to have an opinion about CrossFit. The only way to really know what we do is to try us out yourself. We love seeing new people down here and the reaction we get when they realize what we actually do on a daily basis. Motivating regular people to learn brand new lifts and skills and provide them with consistency in their training and improve their quality of life. Proving you don’t need to be a “professional athlete” in any way to have access to quality training and you don’t need to smash your body everyday to improve your fitness.

We can’t wait to help you all out and spread the word about what CrossFit is about. it goes way beyond just working out and you see that from the first moment to step through our doors.


Friday 010219

MetCon: Partner Wod

AMRAP x 10

3-6-9-12 etc

Deadlift 120/85kg

Push Ups

-Rest 2 Min-

For Time:

100 Wall Balls 9/6kg

100 KB SDHP 32/24kg

Partition all reps as needed

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