Cya next year Coach George

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It is coach George last week at SPC before he and Freya heads home for the Summer. But don’t worry he will be back next year with more cool warm up drills and heaps of excitement to help you guys and girls out. It has been an absolute pleasure having him at the gym helping out and there is no doubt he made the place better. You were thrown in the deep end but you did an awesome job at all classes and we are excited to see you back here next year. You made that Sunday GPP class your own and its great to see how popular it has become. Keep training hard over summer and get back to full fitness because there will be plenty of work waiting for you on your return.

Enjoy your summer




Thursday 15/11/18

Strength Testing: Clean & Jerk

Find your 1RM

MetCon: 10 min AMRAP

10 DB Push Press 22.5/15kg

15 TTB

10 Burpees

Keep learning by reading previous blog posts

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We get a lot of questions every day and we are of course more than happy to answer anything you are concerned about. If you are really keen to know more about the gym, CrossFit, training in general or any thing specific to health and wellness you could either ask a coach out for a coffee and then ask all your questions. Or scroll through all of our previous blog posts. There is plenty of gold in there in an easy to digest format and straight to the point. All blog posts are one point of view and all of our coaches doesn’t necessarily agree on everything but that is the beauty of fitness and that is why we have more coaches. Each of us have different ways of coaching and we each have different ideas and bringing all of that to you gives you a chance to find out what works for you. Take a few min each day to look for specific topics in the search bar in the blog post tab and learn something new. It is all about improving and expanding your knowledge so you can be fitter and healthier.




Wednesday 14/11/18

Run Conditioning:

E3M for 15min


-record slowest lap-

Accessory Work: 15min EMOM

1st: 10 Push Ups & 10 Hollow Rocks

2nd: 20 DB Lunges

3rd: 20 V-Sit Twists

Masters Athletes 35+ Wanted:)

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With CrossFits increased popularity comes a wider age range of members. The older age groups (35+) of people who regularly set foot in the gym have the same needs as the younger athletes but their needs just vary by degree which means “Less is More”. Every time you come into class you might need a little longer to warm up so take that time during the strength portion of the class. Do more warm up drills between warm up sets. Every class has a group warm up but you might need more time especially the 6 & 7am classes. The coach can always give you advise on this, all you have to do is ask.

With summer approaching, so are all the CrossFit competitions around the country and I know a whole heap of you are keen to get involved. What we are finding with Masters Team comps is we don’t always have enough in the right age groups so if you are thinking of doing a comp get hold of us so we can get you involved. We currently have two teams who are looking for more athletes so if you are keen to give CrossFit a go as a sport this would be a perfect tie to contact us. This goes for both old and new members. We still have plenty of time to prepare for next years comps but the earlier we get started the better.




Tuesday 13/11/18

Strength Testing: Snatch

Find your new 1RM

MetCon: 15 min AMRAP

10 Single arm DB C&J (EA) 22.5/15kg

15 V-Ups

30 Air Squats

60 Double Unders


Oly Lift Testing Continues this Week

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Our testing continues this week with more focus on olympic weight lifting. We have gone through a bunch of technique over a long period and it is time to put it all together this week. Trust your technique and go for it. Don’t revert back to bad habits when the weight gets heavy. Trust your technique and remember the better your technique is today the more that will help you in the long run. Make good technique the habit and see how far you can get over the next 12 weeks.




Monday 12/11/18

Strength Test: Front Squat

Find your 5RM

MetCon: Testing



Thrusters 42.5/30kg

Pull ups


Save your testing results

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Remember to put all of your PR’s on the PR Board. We will be posting everyones awesome achievements at the end of this testing phase. Let us see your improvements and celebrate them with you. Also please write all of your results down in a training diary or on your phone or somewhere you can easily find them. You will need all of your results for this upcoming training phase. These results can also help motivate you this coming year in making sure you work really hard to improve on them. Everybody needs some motivation and it is better to look at your own results and improving on them rather than trying to be better than other people. Focus on yourself and you will see much better results and much faster. Continue working hard through these testing sessions to get your best results possible.




Friday 9/11/18

MetCon: For Time

15 Overhead Squats 50/35kg

60 Step Ups 24/20′

45 Reverse Lunges

15 Overhead Squats

40 Step Ups

45 Push Ups

15 Overhead Squats

20 Step Ups

45 Sit Ups


Summer Time Table Info

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As previous years we don’t change our time table much due to the amount of members we have and the different schedules of our members. There will however be less coaches to cover classes as certain times this summer so classes that don’t have regular participants might be paused for a few weeks. This means if there is a particular class you definitely need to keep you will have to make sure you turn up to this class as we will be monitoring classes more carefully over the next few weeks. If you are worried about any class, contact us now and we will make sure you have an option to get your daily workout in. We want to stay as helpful and productive as possible and we can only do that with your help




Thursday 8/11/18

Strength Test: Strict Press

15min to find 5RM

MetCon: For Time

30 Alt. DB Snatches 22.5/15kg

50 Double Unders

20 Alt DB Snatches

50 Double Unders

10 Alt. DB Snatches

50 Double Unders

Best hour of your day

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In our Workout Of the Day (WOD) you will often see a difficult olympic lift, power lift or gymnastic movement. We spend a lot of time planning our program to make sure everyone gets a challenging and fun workout which will make them stronger, fitter and happier. This means that on any day the workout is going to be harder for some. In all those cases we scale or modify the workout to suit the individual. Our goal is to make their hour in the gym the best hour of their day so if any member is struggling with a particular movement or workout it will be changed so they get the most out of it.

You might read our WOD in the morning and think “oh dear, they always do all these high level things so I wont be able to do CrossFit”. But what you might not see is all the whiteboards of peoples scores we post on our Facebook Page. When you check out the whiteboards next time have a look at how many different variations of the workout is actually being done or take a look at our social media videos and look at how many different variations of the exercises are being performed. It might look like organized chaos because there are different pieces of equipment everywhere but that is because we give every member who comes through our doors a chance to get a good workout done no matter their fitness level. If you are completely new to CrossFit or if you have a small injury we change things so you can keep fit and healthy. If you are 100% healthy but you are lacking a particular skill we make sure to give you progressions so you eventually get that skill. The most important thing for us is that you have a good time in the one hour a day you are in here. We want you to feel closer to your goal when you walk out than when you walked in.




Wednesday 7/11/18

Gymnastics Test:

90 sec Max CTB Pull Ups

2 min Rest

90 sec Max TTB

2 min Rest

30 sec Max CTB Pull Ups

1 min Rest

30 sec Max TTB

MetCon: 5 Rounds for Time

15 KB Goblet Squats 32/24kg

15 Burpees


Goodbye to Marco Mollo

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Its the end of an era as Marco leaves Dunedin for the last time. I first met Marco at CFND 4 years ago. He clearly had heaps of potential and he was keen to learn. He was into his weightlifting which also meant that he made it to Weightlifting Nationals in Nanos. The fact that he loved weightlifting but hated running gave him the nickname No Go Malolo. He had a hard time getting out of second gear but he worked on it and got a bit of an engine. Then it was time to focus on CrossFit. He has always enjoyed training and he always followed the program as prescribed. He is in it for the steady improvements over time which earned him his new nickname the Process Man. Im sure I speak for all our coaches when I say what a pleasure it has been to have you at the gym from day one and as a friend its been great training along side you. We wish you all the best for the future and keep training hard so you can get your kit off at the pub. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to excel in this awesome sport of CrossFit.




Tuesday  6/11/18

Running Test: 2km for time

Accessory Work: 3 Rounds of

10 DB bench press (AHAFA)

10 BB bent over row (AHAFA)

30 sec Leg raises

30 sec arch rock or back ext.


Time to Test Yourself

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Our two testing weeks are all go. Make sure you do your best to turn up to as many of these sessions as possible. It will give yourself and us a clear picture of how far you have come this year with your fitness and how to help you in the future. We are all very excited to see some PRs and to see everyone getting right into these tests of strength and fitness. Cheer each other on to get the most out of it.

Lets get after it team




Monday 5/11/18

Strength Testing: Back Squat

15 min to find 5RM

MetCon Test: Diane


Deadlift 102.5/70kg


Why am I not Improving anymore?

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A few days ago a member came up to me and said: I’m at the gym all the time and I’m not getting any stronger. My first reply was: Congratulations on graduating from your beginner gains. I explained that during the first year of training the body keeps adapting to new stressors and strength gains comes really easy because as you train, two major things happen at the same time: 1 muscle tissue adapts to the training and technique gets better which both of course drives gains. Every time this process happens you will see improvements so if you are new to training this process will happen all the time. At one point, which for this member is now, you will start to see smaller or no improvements for a period of time as the body has adapted to a lot of the stress you have put it through. This is called a training plateau. When you hit a training plateau it is time to reevaluate what is going on.

Are they Training hard and smart? Yes. They are turning up multiple times per week. They listen to the coaches and they are keen to improve their technique as well as strength.

Are they Eating healthy: Yes and No. They have breakfast every morning but that is all they have until tea time so here is a thing they could improve like making a light lunch. Could just be some fruit to start with and then move on to cooked lunches later on.

Are they stressed: Yes. Taking care of a family & running their own business. Family first of course. So how are you running your business? Do you schedule everything so your days are planned out? Do you have contingency plans for things that come up or go wrong. How much work do you bring home physically? How many business problems to you bring home mentally? All these things are important because they add to stress which will hinder progress. Don’t bring your work problems home with you. You have a business, you are not your business, Keep your business and personally life separate as much as possible.

Are you sleeping: No. They get around 4 hours per night. Have a set time you go to bed and stick to it. This can be a tough one if you don’t feel tired but you might need to give yourself some tough love here. Go to bed turn off your phone, close the curtains, don’t have a TV in the bedroom.

As you can see there are plenty of things this member can improve on if they want to see new gains for all the hard work they put into every training session and it is all outside influences. We had a chat about each of the things they could improve on and it will be awesome to see some new gains soon. If you find yourself in the same situation, ask us about it so we can give you some easy to follow advise and you can get back to improving your strength and fitness and most important your health.




Thursday 1/11/18

MetCon: 12 min EMOM

1st: 200m Run

2nd: 7 TTB & 14 Reverse Lunges

3rd: 10 DB Thrusters (AHAFA)

Straight into

3 Rounds for Time

200m Run


14 Reverse Lunges

10 DB Thrusters