Intermediate Team Member: Shez McLeod

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Fresh of the plane back from Masters League finals in the GC where she took 5 overall in her division, Shez just needs to recover from her last comp and she will be ready to go for Nationals. She is in the best shape of possibly her life so she will be looking to give the team a huge boost. Shez has made some massive improvements to her fitness especially with her gymnastics both through PT sessions and classes. If Masters League is anything to go by she will be leading from the front at the Mount. This will be Shez’s first Nationals and it will be great to follow her progress up to and beyond this comp.




Wednesday 4/10/18

Accessory Work: 4 Rounds

10 DB Bench Press (AHAFA)

10 BB Bent over Rows (AHAFA)

MetCon: 20 min EMOM

Odd: 10-20 Wall Balls 9/6kg

Even: 200m Run

Intermediate Team member: Jack Bredenbeck

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This will be Jacks second competition this year after he did an awesome job at clang n bang earlier this year. At just 17 years old he is now stepping it up to Team Nationals where he will join the rest of the intermediate team and even cooler get a chance to compete with his dad Mark who is also in the team. It will be a special moment and it will be awesome to see Jack step onto the floor up there. He has worked tirelessly in classes and under the watchful eye of Marcus during their PT sessions.

Jacks strength is definitely his ability to hit good solid positions in his lifting and even under fatigue his technique doesn’t break down. That will keep him safe from getting too beat up over the course of the weekend. His gymnastics has also come a long way so he will be a big help for the team in that department.

Jack is a fantastic guy and it is so good to see him come into his own on the CrossFit floor. It will be great to follow his continual progress in the sport of CrossFit.




Wednesday 3/10/18

MetCon: 21 min EMOM

1st: 75 Double Unders

2nd: 10 KB Swings & 10 SDHP 24/16kg

3rd: 10 Burpees (Add 2 burpees each round for as long as possible)

Intermediate Team Captain, Conrad Frew

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Conrad Frew was one of the very first members at Southern Peak CrossFit. He has been working hard over these 2+ years at the gym and even before then. He has been struggling with a couple of injuries but he is ready to take on the challenge again this year. He led the Masters Team to a 7th place overall at last years Team nationals and this year he is looking to repeat the success from 2017. Always calm under pressure which will be a huge advantage for both his personal performance and the team performance. Especially in a chaotic environment as this will be. Conrad will be leading from the front and the other team members will be looking to him to bring some calmness and perspective over the team especially if things get tough.




Tuesday 2/10/18

Strength: Power Snatches

5 min EMOM

3 Power Snatches start @ 60% of 1RM

5 min EMOM

1 Power Snatch start at 80% of 1RM

MetCon: 10 min AMRAP

10 Alt. DB Snatches 32.5/22.5kg

3 Bar Muscle Ups







Great to see so many new members

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Great to see so many of you committing to staying on as members after your GrabOne deal has finished. It says a lot about the community at the gym and great to see we are doing a lot of good things that keeps you coming back to train. As awesome as that is we can always get better and do more for our members and we keep saying come to us with any feedback whether good or bad we will take in onboard to keep improving the gym for you.

Again, thank you to all of you for letting us help you with your health and fitness. Keep working hard and we will do our part in keeping things fun and productive.




Friday 28/9/18

Accessory Work: 3 Rounds

10 DB bench Press AHAFA

10 BB Bent Over Rows AHAFA

MetCon: 20 min EMOM

Odd: 10-20 Wall Balls 9/6kg

Even: 50 Double Unders

Get your teams sorted for the Team Comp

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It is all going down on the 6th of Oct. at the gym so make sure you get your team finalized early so you don’t have to rush to find the last person. You all have to be from a different decade so it won’t be an easy task. There are some strong teams on the white board already and there are also a few unfinished teams so if you need to find a team start with them. Time is ticking. This comp is a fundraiser for our two Nationals teams going away so the re is a $5 competitor fee. The money goes 100% to the traveling team members.

Get amongst it and remember we need to see a team from each of the nationals athletes so there is no time to waste.

Note: If we run out of certain age groups we can compromise to make sure everyone gets to compete but we will make sure you don’t stack your teams:)




Thursday 27/9/18

Gymnastics Conditioning Testing

in 2 min: Max SHSPU

3 min Rest

In 2 min: Max CTB pull Ups

3 min Rest

In 2 min: Max Box Jumps 24/20′

Record Numbers and remember them

MetCon: For Time

50 Walking Lunges

50 V-Ups

50 Step Ups 24/20′

50 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

50 Straight Leg Sit Ups





Off to the GC

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Shez, Chris and myself are off to the Gold Coast today to represent the South Island Masters Team at Masters League 2018. It will be a tough weekend ahead with many unknown events but we are all looking forward to the challenge. A lot of hard work has been put into competing at this comp and we hope this will motivate a bunch of you to take up the challenge next year. We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us both financially through fundraising but also everyone around the gym. Special mention to Eldon and Carey’s Bay Marine services and Nick Beard from Cutlers for donation to our trip and to everyone who did the fundraising comp with us. It means the world to us to have such an awesome community behind us.

We will keep you posted as good as we can and film as many of the events as possible. There will be a live feed from the events on the Mastersleague Facebook page. I will send through a link on our Facebook page.




Wednesday 26/9/18

MetCon: 18min EMOM

1st: 30 Double Unders + 7 Pull Ups

2nd: 7 Devils Press 22.5/15kg

3rd: 200m Run

Leigh Martel, RX Team Member

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Leigh has been in the CrossFit game for a long time. She went to Regionals in the same team as Brad and has been around CrossFit ever since. Leigh’s sporting background is mainly gymnastics so the team is completely covered in that aspect of fitness. The last few years Leigh has put special focus on olympic weightlifting and has competed in multiple South Island and National Championships. Leigh’s ability to knuckle down and get in the pain cave is something else and that will definitely give the team a big boost over the course of the weekend. Having someone prepared to go the extra mile for the team is invaluable.




Tuesday 25/9/18

MetCon: 10 min Time Cap


DB Squats 22.5/15kg

Bar Facing Burpees

@ 8:00

Max reps C&J 60/40kg


Brad Lee, RX Team Member

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Brad came down to us a while back and wanted to start CrossFit again. He started coming to regular classes in the evening. He is very busy with his job as a real estate agent, so at times we don’t see him much but when he was picked for our Nationals Team his priorities changed a bit and he has been training hard since. Brad is one of those naturally fit people though, so even if he doesn’t train for awhile he is still able to come into the gym and RX every workout and lift close to his PR lifts. Brad has already had top level CrossFit experience in a team environment when he joined our old CFD team at Regionals a few years ago. He will be pumped to be back out on the competition floor and he will be bringing all that experience and fitness with him to help the rest of the team.




Monday 24/9/18

Strength Testing: Back Squat

Find your 10RM

MetCon: For Time


Alt DB Snatches 22.5/15kg




Marcus Matapo, RX Team Member

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Marcus started as a member at SPC and became a coach here almost 2 years ago. He has been a huge asset for the gym in a coaching capacity but Marcus has also made some extraordinary improvements over his first two years of CrossFit training and now he gets to take it to the next level with a National competition. Marcus bought into the CrossFit methodology straight away and haven’t looked back. With his well rounded fitness he will be able to put his stamp on the competition and help the team out where ever it is needed.




Friday 21/9/18

MetCon: For Time

400m Run

10 Clean & Jerk 60/40kg

30 TTB

10 Clean & Jerk

40 Alt. DB Snatches 22.5/15kg

10 Squat Cleans 60/40kg

50 Box Jumps 24/20′

10 Squat Cleans


Lucy Mossman, RX Team Member

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Lucy will get her first taste of national competition at Nationals this year. She has been working super hard at SPC over the pst 2 years and it will be awesome to see her compete at this level for the first time. Lucy has a background in gymnastics which will serve her really well at the comp. Lucy has worked a lot on her weightlifting technique and strength over the last few months which will give her heaps of confidence going in to Nationals if you think about what came out of the hopper last year. Apart from Lucys awesome athletic abilities she is also a very positive girl which will help keep the team happy and in a good head space between each event.




Thursday 20/9/18

Gymnastics Conditioning: 12 min EMOM

Odd: 20sec CTB Pull Ups

Even: 30sec SHSPU

MetCon: For Time


KB SDHP 24/16kg

Walking Lunges