Back to Full Time Table

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Happy New Year everyone. We are back to our full Time Table this coming Monday 13th Jan. Please make sure you book in to classes through Wodify and if you can’t book in let us know so we can update your account. Also make sure to post your results so you can keep track of all your training. We will monitor everyones results so we can specialize the program and help everyone with there overall fitness.

We are fizzing to have everyone back again and meet a ton of new members this year. If you know anyone who is keen to try us out tell them to come by for a chat and a trial class.


SPC Updates

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We hope you are all using Wodify to record all of your training and that you are able to sign into classes. If you have any issues please contact us straight away. Spend just 10min looking around the system and see all the amazing things it can do for your training.

Our Time Table for the Holidays is up on Facebook and it will be hanging at the gym too. There will be an Xmas email going out to everyone in the next few days with much more info for you all.


Wodify is your personal training diary

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As you know we have upgraded our operation system to Wodify. If you haven’t received your welcome email yet let us know and provide us with your current email address please. It is super important that you sign into classes as we will be monitoring all of our members’ progress through Wodify. Plus all of our classes have caps on members and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a training session because you didn’t check class availability. If you are unable to sign in to a class let us know as your membership might need updated.

Now the most important part of why we have upgraded to Wodify is because this system is your own training diary. You can put in all of your results from classes but also all training you do outside class. It will keep track of all of your personal bests and track all of your gymnastics, weightlifting and metcons. You can track how you are improving on different exercises and workouts and we can help you adjust your training so you avoid stagnation.

We urge you to use this system to its full capabilities. Take some time in the evening to see how many possibilities this system gives you when it comes to tracking your training. We look forward to seeing you all use the system and see how you will be improving your training over the coming weeks, months and years.

If you have any questions or concerns about the system let us know straight away and we can help you out.


Important notes on Wodify

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We have changed our operations system to Wodify. You should have received a welcome email by now with instructions. It is super important you follow those instructions. Let us know asap if you haven’t received this email. You won’t be able to sign in to classes if you haven’t gone through the process. Nothing will change in your daily dealings with the gym other than you need to use Wodify now. We will be tracking memberships with Wodify as well which means you will need to book into any class you attend.

If you have an active membership but you are still having trouble using the system contact us asap with your questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to taking our gym to the next level with these new services.


SPC BoxFit classes starts December 2nd.

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We are running a GrabOne deal for our new BoxFit class. Jump on that deal now and read all the info. Classes are:

Monday & Wednesday: 1.10pm & 7.30pm

Friday: 7am, 1.10pm & 6.30pm

Sunday: 4pm

Half price for a whole month of unlimited BoxFit classes. Combining high energy circuits and classic heavy bag work from boxing.

follow the link to our deal


Changing to Wodify

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We are in the last phase of setting up Wodify for all of you. At some point this week you will receive a welcome email with instructions on what to do to check the workout of the day and booking into classes. It will have membership options, class time table, performance analysis and more to make things easier for you. It will be super easy to sign up and you can use the app for all of it.

We hope this will make the experience at SPC a lot smoother and enjoyable. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us.

Also a reminder our Grab One BoxFit Deal of $49 for a month of BoxFit Classes is still running. If you know anyone who would be keen to change things up with this exciting new program. Get them to sign up today


Xmas Party & Annual Beer Pong Tournament

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Put a big mark in your calendar for Saturday 23/11. We are kicking off our annual Xmas Party and Beer Pong Tournament at 5pm. It is a tradition at SPC that we are super excited about. Get hold of your best friend and sign up today. All teams will be on the Whiteboard so you can check out the competition. Brush up on your Beer Pong rules and you will be good to go. There will be a short briefing on the night.

Obviously this is an event for everyone so non alcoholic games can be set up if need be, the main thing is we get you involved and have a great time. This is a perfect time to turn up and get to know more of the members from the other classes. Fantastic opportunity to relax with your friends and still get a bit competitive.


Fight Gone Bad Friday

3 Rounds for max reps

1 min Overhead Squats 40/30kg

1 min Box Jumps 24/20′

1 min TTB

1 min KB Swings 24/16kg

1 min Double Unders

1 min Rest

Weightlifting Nationals

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We have a bunch of members and Coaches lifting this weekend at Weightlifting Nationals in Auckland. Good luck to all of them. Coaches Amanda and Declan and members Patrick and Leigh. Look for a livestream on NZ weightlifting Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing all the Otago weightlifters throwing some big tin overhead all weekend long.


Friday 011119

MetCon: Fight Gone Bad Friday

3 rounds for max reps

1min Squat Cleans 40/30kg

1min Step Ups 24/20′

1min Pull Ups

1min Push Press

1min Straight Leg Sit Ups

1min Rest

Bridget is off to Police College

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Huge congratulations from everyone at SPC to Bridget as she embarks on a very exciting journey for the next 12 weeks to Police College. Bridget has been a member since we started and it has been awesome seeing her work ethic throughout the years. She has always been driven in her training. It just shows how important it is to have goals.

It takes real courage changing your life around like that and decide to protect people you don’t even know. We wish you the best of luck and we are sure you will do an amazing job. Our doors will be open for when you come back next year.


Thursday 241019

Strength: E90S for 15 min

1 Hang Power Snatch

Build in weight

MetCon: 20 min AMRAP

30 KB Swings 32/24kg

10 RMU

30 KB Goblet Lunges

Lift The Bar Comp

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We have a few pairs signed up for this years Lift the Bar competition hosted by CrossFit Timaru. They have same sex pairs and mixed pairs. There are room left for more Beginner and RX pairs. You can see the standards on their Lift the Bar Facebook page.

How it works: Nov 4 online qualifier events will be released and you need to have them done by Nov 11. From there Top 10 in each division qualifies for the Finals at CrossFit Timaru Dec 7.

This will be a great comp to get your feet wet on if you haven’t done a CrossFit Comp yet. Plus you can do most of it at SPC and if you qualify for the Finals it’s only a short drive to Timaru. HOpe to see many of you pair up and sign up for it.


Tuesday 221019

Strength: Back Squat

3 x 6 Build in weight

Superset 5 High Box Jumps between working sets

Metcon: 3 x 5min AMRAP: 2 min Rest

40 Double Unders

20 Alt. DB Snatch 22.5/15kg