We have restructured our Olympic Lifting Program which will be running throughout the rest of the year in 4 Week Training Cycles. Each 4 Weeks will have a specific focus. There will still be an emphasis on technique above all else which will help everyone in the long run.

As you all know, Coach Declan is a very accomplished weightlifter and he will be in charge of the program. If you are struggling with the Snatch and Clean & jerk in any way you need to sign up for this program now.

Price for the program is $80 up front or you can upgrade your weekly membership just get hold of us now. There will be a max of 16 people per class. Strictly bookings only. Specific membership options for the program are also available. Contact us for more info.

Session Times will be Tuesday 6.30pm & Sunday 11.30am.

Start date: Will be Tuesday 2/7 6.30pm

Get hold of us now to book your spot.


Thursday 200619

Strength: E2M for 10 min

2 Power Cleans + 1 Split Jerk

Build in weight

At 12:00

E2M for 6 min

3 Deadlifts

At 20:00

For Time

1200m Run

30 Dual KB Clean & Jerk (AHAFA)

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