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Perfect time for a small break

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Our time table will run as normal over Labour Weekend so your day doesn’t have to change much but we do recommend having a sleep-in or just a day off if possible. Small breaks from training can give so much in the form of recovery to prevent burnout, but also excitement about coming back to training. Small breaks during the year are important. The body only gets better when you allow it to recover between training sessions. Make sure you plan breaks throughout the year.




Thursday 18/10/18

Strength: Strict Press

3 x 5 @ same weight

Max Push Press (last set)

MetCon: 9min AMRAP

30 Wall Balls 9/6kg

60 Double Unders

Exercise during exam time

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As you students are heading into exams it will obviously be important to prepare for them by studying but another way of making sure you stay on top of things is clearing your head a few times per week by going for a walk or run. Another thing would be to come down and do a CrossFit session, hang out with your friends and get some training done at the same time. Taking a break by doing a workout and then coming back to your notes and assignments and looking at things with a fresh set of eyes always helps. You always find a few inconsistencies or mistakes after you go away and come back. Especially if you have been studying for a long period of time.

Good Luck to all our student members with your exams.




Wednesday 17/10/18

Strength: Back Squat

Warm Up sets

1 x 20 @ Empty Barbell

1 x 10 @ 50%

1 x 10 @ 60%

Working Set:

1 x 20RM

MetCon: Partner Wod

1 min Max Pull ups each

1 min ax Push ups each

1 min Max Sit ups each

10 x 200m Sprint (5 each)

Measurable Fitness

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We posted a picture of our testing sessions to prep for the last training cycle of the year. This will be a great opportunity for you to see how far you have come with your training over this past year but also get a clear idea of what you need to work on. It doesn’t matter if you want to compete in CrossFit or if you just want to come down and workout for an hour every day to feel good. We are sure you still want to know you are getting fitter and a few tests will show you that.

If you are away over summer feel free to keep following the program. We will also post a few outdoor sessions for you to follow if you are going on a holiday and can’t find a gym but more about that closer to the holidays.

If you want to do any competitions next year let us know what comp you want to do, when it is and we will put a training plan together with you.




Tuesday 16/10/18

MetCon: 3 x 4min AMRAP : 4 min Rest

200m Run

15 Burpees

Max Overhead Squats 45/30kg


Spring Deal Running Out

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As mentioned in an earlier blog post our memberships are about to go up. As stated in an earlier blog post this increase only concerns new members not any current members. That means if you get your membership sorted before the november cut-off date, you will keep that membership deal For Life. If you know anyone who is keen to try CrossFit you shouldn’t hesitate to recommend us. Get them in here now and give them a chance to take advantage of our current membership deals.

Everyone loves a good deal and this is exactly that. Especially if you are a student or anyone who is going away over Summer, make sure you get signed up for a short term deal before you leave, as the deal you sign up with now, is the deal you will come back to. Don’t put it off anymore come down and get your sign ups sorted.

If you need more info get hold of us now.




Monday 15/10/18

Strength: Power Cleans

5 min EMOM

3 Power Cleans (start @ 60% of 1RM)

5 min EMOM

1 Power Clean (start @ 80% of 1RM)

Accessory Work: 5 Rounds of:

1 min Wall Sit

10 Bench Press (AHAFA)

15 KB SDHP 32/24kg



Annual Beer Pong Competition

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Its that time again where you need to sort a partner for our Annual Beer Pong Competition. This is your chance to take down defending Champions Nick & Tom.

The comp will be held Friday Evening 26/10. This should give everyone a chance to participate and have an awesome time and still have their weekend free. Bring your own drinks for the comp. If you don’t drink beer or don’t drink at all bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and you can still join in. It will be a fun evening for all members to get together and hang out in a different setting. It will also give us a chance to send the student members off in style.

Get your partner sorted now and get hold of us so we can start writing pairs down. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the gym for some fun in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Contact us if you have any questions




Friday 12/10/18

MetCon: 5 Rounds for Time

10 Deadlift 100/70kg

20 Wall Balls 9/6kg

400m Run

Intermediate Team Member: Mark Bredenbeck

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Mark and his family has been members since day one. Mark is a fire investigator and spends a lot of time traveling so he has to come in at the 6am class every day. Mark has been part of most of our In-House competitions and the CF Open ever since we opened and even before then so he is well accustomed to the competition environment. All that experience will be huge for the team as they are looking to perform at Nationals. Mark has been steadily improving throughout the year and is as strong and fit as ever and ready to go. This Nationals will be a special moment as he gets to compete alongside his son Jack who is also in the team.




Thursday 11/10/18

MetCon: 4 x 3min AMRAP : 3min Rest

100 Double Unders

15 Burpees

Max Thrusters 40/30kg

*Record each round

Intermediate Team Member: Rachel Haley

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Rach was in the intermediate team last year as well so the extra experience is going to help the team. A massive highlight for Rach from last year was absolutely destroying the Rope Climb / Shuttle Run event which also saw the intermediate team qualify for the final. Rach will be looking to create more magical moments like that this year. Rachel has been working hard all year fixing a few holes in her fitness so look to her to step up on a number of workouts to help the team out. She is one of those people who can just switch off and work hard, this will come in handy for the beach event especially. We are all looking forward to seeing how much you have improved over the course of the year.




Wednesday 10/10/18

Strength: Strict Press

3 x 5 @ same weight

Max reps Push Press on last set

MetCon: 3 Rounds for Time

10 Overhead Squats 40/30kg

20 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

10 Push Jerks

Intermediate Team Member: Megan Graamans

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Megan was in the Masters Team at last years Nationals and did extremely well. One of her many highlights from that competition was taking charge of the Run/Barrel carry event. Running really hard and almost finishing the first barrel carry on her own by the time the rest of the teams finished the run. It got the MC going too which was awesome to listen to. Megan’s strength is of course her massive aerobic engine, she can settle into a pretty fast tempo and hold that for a really long time so for all the longer events the team will look to Megan for guidance. Megan has worked hard really hard on her strength training so it will be interesting to see her excel in those workouts too. She is super easy going so she will of course fit in great with the rest of the team.




Tuesday 9/10/18

Strength: Back Squat

Warm up sets:

1 x 20 empty barbell

1 x 10 @ 50%

1 x 10 @ 60%

Working set:

1 x 20

MetCon: For Time

1200m Run

50 DB Thrusters 22.5/15kg

“The Running Lab” Seminar this coming Weekend at SPC

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We are super excited about Tim Bransdon and The Running Lab having a seminar this weekend at Southern Peak CrossFit. Tim has been coaching many top level athletes and CrossFit games athletes. The most noticeable one being 2 x Games Champion Tia Clair Toomey. For the past couple of years Tim has been helping Tia with her running technique and other aspects of her fitness. It will be awesome opportunity to learn a ton about specific running protocols and try them out for yourself.

They will cover a large range of topics from technique to programming for running.

You can still get your ticket for this event right now by following the link below. You will get all the needed info on this link too.

There is a limit to participants so get onto it straight away. Looking forward to seeing you all there this weekend.




Monday 8/10/18

MetCon: 28 min EMOM

1st: 1 Round of Cindy

2nd: 30 Double Unders + 5 Deadlift 110/75kg

3rd: 7 KB Swings + 7 Goblet Squats 32/24kg

4th: Rest

Weekend Fundraising Comp and Time Table

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All competitors are meeting at 9am for event briefing and to pay their $5 competitors fee. Its a Dress-Up so make sure you coordinate with your team today.

We will go over everything concerning the workouts and then you can start your warm up. First Workout will start around 10am. We ask that when you are not competing you are helping out with judging and on that note if anyone who isn’t competing is keen to help out that would be much appreciated thank you.

There are 4 workouts on the day so there will be a bit of work for everyone to do. You will all get a chance to do TTB if you have them, but only one of you will need to do a pull up workout. You will all get a chance to do the lifting workout. You can strategize on the day. Remember to bring everything you would normally bring to do a class. Also it would be a good idea to have some snacks and drinks as you will be at the gym for a few hours. The men teams will get a longer break after the first workout and the women will get a longer break after the second workout.

Each team will get a two page score sheet that they will be responsible for on the day. It will have all four workouts on it and their scores from each workout. Hand it to the judge before your workout and give it back to a coach at the end of your workout and we will put your score on the whiteboard.

This is a fundraising comp for our Nationals Team going to the Mount in two weeks representing the gym and our Dunedin community. Lets really get behind these guys and girls and help them out the best way possible.

Saturday Class. There will be a 7am class for all members who are not doing the competition so make sure you get to the gym early doors and get a good workout to start your weekend well.




Friday 5/10/18


7 min AMRAP

10 Power Snatch 40/30kg

50 Double Unders

-3 min Rest-

7 min AMRAP

10 Thrusters 40/30kg

10 Burpee over Bar

-3 min Rest-

7 min AMRAP

10 Hang Power Cleans 40/30kg

20 Sit Ups