If you missed out on getting some apparel we still have some items left at the gym. Bring cash or transfer to bank account and you can rep our gym around town. If you ordered some but still haven’t collected it come down today.

Hope you have all been trying to find your team for our Dress Up Team Comp. the date will come up fast.


Thursday 020519

Skill of the Month: Toes To Bar

E2M for 12 min:

Level 1: 5 Strict TTB + 10-15 Kipping TTB

Level 2: Progressions to linking TTB

Level 3: Practice Hollow/Arch, Hanging Knee raises and work on core strength.

MetCon: For Time

30 Alt. DB Snatches 32.5/22.5kg

40 V-Ups

50 Box Jumps 24/20′

40 V-Ups

30 Alt. DB Snatches

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