4 spots left for Barbell Club

We only have 4 spots left for SPC Barbell Club with Declan. Get in quick if you want to be part of this first 4 week cycle. Every 4 weeks we offer this program up again and so on for the rest of the year.

Also it is very important that you book into these classes. You will be able to book into our new class SPC Barbell Club later today. This will help us keep track of who is signed up and how many spots we need to fill.


Wednesday 260619

MetCon: 15 min EMOM

1st: 10 Power Snatches 45/30kg

2nd: 200m Run

3rd: 16 KB Goblet Lunges 32/24kg

Straight Into


30 Power Snatches 45/30kg

600m Run

48 KB Goblet Lunges 32/24kg

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